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01-07-22 / 4 min read

UK Environment Secretary to announce funding for ‘sustainable farm-based proteins’ research

28-06-22 / 4 min read

Magical Mushroom Company secures €3.4M to develop biodegradable packaging made from mycelium

28-06-22 / 8 min read

Interview: Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Executive Director Dr Lawrence Haddad

27-06-22 / 6 min read

Green Pioneer interview: Andy Shovel, THIS Co-Founder

23-06-22 / 4 min read

Unilever, Google, and Quorn reveal improvements to workplace food in Workforce Nutrition Alliance report

22-06-22 / 3 min read

University of Nottingham students win gold prize at Ecotrophelia 2022 food innovation awards

22-06-22 / 2 min read

THIS kicks off crowdfunding campaign and raises nearly 150% of its target in two days

20-06-22 / 2 min read

The Good Food Institute launches search for its first ever Entrepreneur-in-Residence

17-06-22 / 2 min read

Welcome from the editor: all ages

17-06-22 / 6 min read

The beauty of food waste: how Professor of Sustainable Materials Richard Blackburn has turned fruit scraps into skincare

16-06-22 / 3 min read

Tetra Pak and start-up Mycorena to open plant to produce alternative proteins using fungi fermentation

15-06-22 / 9 min read

Responses to the Government Food Strategy: good intentions but no action plan for real change

10-06-22 / 5 min read

Co-op and Microsoft found food redistribution platform Caboodle to reduce food waste

08-06-22 / 3 min read

Strella Biotechnology attracts $8M investment to tackle food waste by ‘listening’ to fruit

07-06-22 / 3 min read

Footballer Chris Smalling launches VC consultancy ForGood to address global environmental challenges

06-06-22 / 6 min read

Green jobs: what does a Food Lecturer do?

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