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05-07-22 / 3 min read

Scottish Government launches consultation into its own HFSS legislation

04-07-22 / 3 min read

Start-up Jellatech announces successful production of cell-based collagen

01-07-22 / 2 min read

Welcome from the editor: food is fuel

01-07-22 / 15 min read

Improving British hospital food: why nutrition needs to be part of the cure

29-06-22 / 3 min read

Discovery by German scientists could signal the end of binge eating struggles

28-06-22 / 8 min read

Interview: Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Executive Director Dr Lawrence Haddad

23-06-22 / 4 min read

Unilever, Google, and Quorn reveal improvements to workplace food in Workforce Nutrition Alliance report

21-06-22 / 4 min read

Genetic preference for taste influences food choices and overall health, says new research from Tufts University

21-06-22 / 3 min read

New food labelling requirement for Canadian meat draws criticism from farmers

14-06-22 / 3 min read

High number of Britons don’t know which foods contain fibre or count towards 5 a day reveals British Nutrition Foundation

31-05-22 / 3 min read

‘Comprehensive policy approach’ needed to protect children from harmful effects of food marketing, says WHO policy brief

31-05-22 / 3 min read

MenuAid raises $1M to solve the ‘dinner dilemma’ with AI

30-05-22 / 3 min read

M&S Food partners with UK’s national football teams to tackle family nutrition

20-05-22 / 2 min read

Welcome from the editor: stereotypes

20-05-22 / 3 min read

Nearly half of young people in Britain avoid eating meat with 20% following a flexitarian diet

19-05-22 / 3 min read

Supermarkets improve access to healthy food as M&S boss warns of further price hikes

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