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The recipe for quality starts with expertise on ingredients. That is why we at Millbo are always seeking solutions that can combine nature and innovation. In close synergy with our customers, research for us is a constant evolving development. Only from our in-depth knowledge of raw materials and from the meticulous study of individual oven-baked products,  a winning solution can  be...


Lonza is the preferred global partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutrition markets. We work to prevent illness and enable a healthier world by supporting our customers to deliver new and innovative medicines that help treat a wide range of diseases. We achieve this by combining technological insight with world-class manufacturing, scientific expertise and process excellence. These enable our...


As the vanguard of botanical solutions, we source, process and refine more than 200 plants from over 80 countries for our customers in the tea, beverage, food, animal nutrition and pharmaceutical businesses. You too can benefit from the power of botanicals:​ Grow your current markets and branch out into new ones – with better, more functional products. ​ Count on the long-term availability...


EverGrain brings delicious, nutritious, plant-based applications to life with high quality barley ingredients, created with the most sustainable practices. At EverGrain, the journey began when we asked a simple question: “Can we utilise all of the nutrients in saved barley for the good of the planet and everyone on it, both now and in the future?” Finding an answer to this...


Foodini connects people with food allergies and dietary needs to the restaurants with the most suitable options for them. Foodini’s app shows users an exact breakdown of what they can and can’t eat on each menu. We onboard restaurants to our platform through a team of registered dietitians who ensure that all of the menu items, ingredients and allergens...

Done Properly

Done Properly is a foodtech company that develops bioprocessed ingredients through fermentation technologies. Humanity is faced with an urgent need to change the way it eats. The growth of the food industry has made us lose our way and not worry about our main companion on the planet: nature. At Done Properly, we do everything to restore balance between humans...

Time Travelling Milkman

Creaminess comes from fat, not protein. Alternative protein sources are abundant, but the importance of the fat element has been overlooked. Without this, there will be no protein transition. Time-Travelling Milkman (TTM) produces and sells plant-based fat ingredient for creamier, healthier and more sustainable plant-based products. TTM’s unsaturated fat ingredients are made through a process that extracts natural fat...


Agriloops is inspired by nature and designs unique farms that combine shrimp farming with hydroponics. In addition to shrimps, our farms produce original and tasty vegetables. This complementarity is called aquaponics, that we developed for the first time in saltwater!


SimpleFoods is doing what nobody else is doing: it is the first healthy, frozen e-grocery. Frozen food is a $40B market that has not evolved in the past fifty years, and we want to change that – we leverage the best of frozen by powering technology and branding at the same time. What’s unique about SimpleFoods and differentiates it from all...


Avgo is a technology company addressing environmental issues encountered in the egg processing and the pharmaceutical industries. Using a patented technology the company is able to convert eggshell waste into high specification calcium carbonate. Overcoming the environmental and costs issues of the egg industry, while also overcoming the environmental issues, a large carbon footprint and contamination with Toxic Heavy Metals...


Soplaya connects chefs and farmers directly through a sustainable, automated, and customer-centric B2B food supply service. With over €3M annualized GMV (2x YoY), Soplaya offers flawless custom payments, single invoice, single delivery for thousands of ingredients in 12/48 hours and up to 20% savings for restaurants, while granting technology, logistics, and better margins & payments for producers.


Transforming flour-based foods! Ottavivo exploits a ‘step-change’ invention: a process by which many foods currently made of flour (wheat or other) can instead be made largely of real fresh vegetables. This process, patented across Europe, transforms their healthiness and digestibility, but loses nothing in taste. And by making products colourful, it makes them more attractive to consumers too!

Invisible Foods

Because food is life, and gives life, it should never be wasted! Invisible Foods is a smart digital platform that enables fruit and vegetable wholesalers to efficiently manage and sell, their fast ripening stock. We use data and intelligent algorithms to quickly identify, quantify and match, with the right distribution channels.

Tie Up Farming

Working with Australia’s largest farms (enterprise level), TieUp Farming is an end-to-end operations platform that connects management decisions to the bottom line, leveraging advanced data science to help growers operate their farms, profitably: Streamlined workflow Complete traceability Reduced costs Improved yield Optimize sustainability Our unique data enables us to create an extremely granular profile of a farm’s financial health. We sit at the core of the grower’s...

Roslin Technologies

Roslin Technologies is an ambitious, cutting‐edge biotech company focused on food and agriculture. Our mission is to advance disruptive technologies to improve how we produce proteins. Our primary focus is on animal cells. Our goal is to use our unique cells to create and lead the market for cell lines to enable cultivated meat to reach the mass market.

MOA Foodtech

MOA foodtech combines biotechnology and artificial intelligence to transform waste and by-products of the agri-food industry into a ” next generation protein ” with high nutritional value and 100% sustainable.


Innomy is a fungi-based meat product platform. Innomy creates whole foods based on fungal protein that replicate the experience of consuming meat with low environmental impact and the unique nutritional benefits of mushrooms. Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain


At Auravant we are convinced that a sustainable and efficient agriculture is possible, granting higher food productivity levers, through the use of digital technologies. With that in mind, we developed an easy-to-use SaaS tool that potentiates agronomic knowledge, democratizing access to Precision Agriculture. We partner with agronomic institutions and investigators to incorporate the best agronomic models into our platform, making...
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