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vegbred sweet potato sourdough bread

Vegbred Limited – Vegbred Limited

Unique in the UK market, Vegbred is a first of its kind innovation; combining the goodness of fresh sweet potato into a range of everyday better-for-you bread products. 

As a purpose driven business, our sweet potato is grown on SMETA audited farms. We up-cycle ours from factory bi-product that would usually be thrown way. We also rescue harvest out-grades (wonky veg) from the grower, reducing the environmental impact of our supply chain, with less water and inputs wasted. 

Our formulation has been successful in eliminating 100% of factory sweet potato waste. Vegbred supports our sweet potato growers to increase their yields on the farm, helping them to waste less resources and sell up to 95% of their harvested crop. We estimate to save over 1000 tonnes of sweet potato waste by the end of 2022 and help farmers who grow for us to get better returns and support their families.

A brand with sustainability at our roots, our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, with a plant-based clear window to view the product within. Vegbred can be enjoyed from frozen; but with an extra 7 days of product life extension, it helps retailers to waste less. Bread waste is the biggest single food item that gets thrown away by UK supermarkets and households on a daily basis and we believe that Vegbred can help retailers and households reduce this problem, as well as providing households with a tasty product with incredible levels of nutrition.