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Products with standardize beetroot extract Trubeet

TruBeet® – Bio-gen Extracts

TruBeet® – Taking your active lifestyle a step further

We live in a time where the importance of exercise for maintaining health and immunity is now understood well. This understanding has resulted in an increased demand for natural solutions that can support an active lifestyle, in terms of exercise performance and recovery.

An ingredient that helps with blood flow to the muscles while increasing its oxygen carrying capacity is ideal for supporting muscular and cardio-respiratory health under such conditions.

TruBeet® is a Non-GMO Project Verified Beetroot Extract, standardized to not less than 6% inorganic nitrates. It is manufactured using a water extraction process, resulting in a neutral-tasting and water-soluble powder, suitable for a variety of end-product applications. It is extremely versatile and easy to use in applications such as stick packs, energy bars, powdered drink mixes & beverages.

A recent clinical study on TruBeet® has shown that chronic supplementation increases plasma nitrate & nitrite, in addition to improving muscle oxygenation, ratings of perceived exertion, exercise economy and endurance when compared to a placebo. With more clinical studies underway, the potential of this unique ingredient is immense. Don’t “beet” around the bush anymore – try TruBeet® for your next product launch!