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Gilltong – The Pished Fish

No-one likes to be typecast as a ‘one-trick’ fish, which helps explain, why today the noble Scottish salmon is enjoying a new, more flamboyant lease of life under the thoughtful tutelage of James Eagle and The Pished Fish team.  

Whilst no-one questions Scottish salmon’s impeccable fine health and great taste credentials OR even its effortless capacity to mingle with any number of fantastical support-cast flavours, (various alcohols, botanicals and herbs) there were however a few doubters who refused to believe that salmon could make the move into sumptuous ‘me-time’ snacking; light yet decadent savoury nibbles that simply refuse to skimp on indulgence, which is exactly what The Pished Fish’s Gilltong has managed to achieve.

Gilltong as it happens is a snacking treat that is halfway between jerky and biltong, made with smoked salmon. Take prime fillets of smoked salmon, hand slice them thickly before marinading them in teriyaki, honey, Tabasco sauce and black pepper. After marinading each slice is diligently air-dried until chewy, succulent and tender. The taste is deliciously distinct, sweet, salty and a little bit spicy!

A versatile ‘anytime treat’ that can be eaten in perfect isolation or in tandem with olives, salads, artisanal breads, or a well-stocked cheeseboard.