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Two cans of Sea & T drink

Sea & T RTD range – Sea Arch Drinks

Winner of New Drink Product of the Year

The Sea & T range of ready-to-drink cans offers a refreshing alcohol-free alternative to a G & T. Using the distilled non-alcoholic Sea Arch Coastal Juniper spirit as the base, the Sea & T range was introduced in November 2020, providing a pre-mixed, portable and delicious extension to the core spirit.

The wild seaside herbs used in the Coastal Juniper blend (that are not only native to the Devon coast where its founders live but also central to the spirit’s crisp, complex flavour) really shine through, ensuring a high-quality drink and experience that’s perfect for occasions when convenience comes first.

Vegan friendly, low in calories and free from sweeteners and allergens (top 14), they are sold in recyclable aluminium cans, reinforcing the brand’s overriding focus on health and environmental sustainability.

The coastal inspiration that runs through everything from the Sea Arch brand name and logo to the ingredients in the spirit is unmistakable in the RTD cans too, with beautiful design and colours setting the scene perfectly for a premium drink, to be enjoyed ‘on the go’.

The Sea & T range makes it easier than ever for people to make positive, healthy choices, without having to compromise on taste or experience. With Sea Arch life really is more beautiful without.