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Chocolate shake by Protein Rebel

Reload – Protein Rebel

Winner of Fitness and Sports Nutrition Product of the Year

Protein Rebel Reload is a high protein post-workout powder that’s both clean and sustainable. It contains cricket powder, pea protein and other plants to create a complete protein powder ideal for after strength training and short workouts.  With over 22g of protein per serving and containing all essential amino acids including 3.3g BCAAs, it’s ideal for promoting muscle synthesis, reducing muscle fatigue and aiding exercise recovery. Reload also contains iron – important for oxygen absorption and general wellbeing. As this is lost through sweating, it’s a valuable nutrient to help with rest and recovery. Gentle on the stomach with a natural prebiotic (found in crickets), Reload supports gut health – a great alternative to whey which is known to cause stomach issues. 

Rich in protein and essential amino acids, crickets are a superfood built for athletes. They have more iron than spinach, more Vit B12 than beef and are packed full of prebiotic fibre, zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese. The combination of crickets and pea protein is very low impact, with a tub of Reload saving 44kgs of carbon when compared with an equivalent tub of whey protein. And for every tub purchased 1m2 of threatened habitat is saved through the World Land Trust.