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Close-up of organic chicory and cordyceps coffee alternative package

Organic Chicory & Cordyceps Coffee Alternative – ötzibrew

Ötzibrew is designed to give you a break from the coffee habit and introduce a whole new drinking experience to your lifestyle. It is a healthy coffee alternative that delivers all the satisfaction of coffee without the caffeine come down…french roast gone chicory!

I chose chicory as it is valued for its detox properties and its unique appeal to coffee and tea purists alike. Chicory is high in inulin, a probiotic that is great for healthy gut bacteria. Plant based and vegan, the organic chicory is enhanced with the cordyceps mushroom to give energy without the ‘crash’ and with no caffeine in your system, the possibility of a better night’s sleep can finally become a reality.

Pure and natural ingredients are both the backbone for ‘clean label’ innovation and the perfect functional solution for healthy nutrition.

This dark roast, plant-based coffee alternative can be easily made in a cafetière to give a smooth but robust hot beverage.

The packaging is more sustainable, allergen contaminant free and easily recyclable. In a chic designed, reusable container, the award-winning ötzibrew chicory and cordyceps is an essential addition to your store-cupboard.