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NOMO caramel chocolate and hazelnot smooth chocolate bars

NOMO Vegan & Free From Chocolate Bars: Hazelnot Smooth and Caramel Flavours – Kinnerton Confectionery

NOMO launched in 2019 and quickly became the UK’s number 1 free from chocolate brand. As well as being vegan, NOMO is dairy, gluten, egg and nut free making it have exceptionally broad appeal to vegan and allergen consumers.

The free-from desire from customers shows no sign of slowing down but for many years there has been a gap in the market for vegan products, particularly impulse products. There is a lack of choice and many vegan and free from consumers feel alienated from mainstream food options

Traditional caramel is made by blending a caramelised sugar syrup with butter and cream. We can’t divulge our secret recipe but we had to find a blend of ingredients that gave us the texture, flavour and mouthfeel of butter and cream without the dairy ingredients. It took us a while to find the perfect blend that wasn’t too runny or to thick and had just the right level of gooiness.

Caramel Filled bar has become the number 2 Vegan & Free from countline product in the market and it’s ROS is comparable with equivalent mainstream products, highlighting the huge popularity of this bar.

Developing the caramel recipe helped us to understand how to make a lovely gooey filling that could be used as a centre for our creamy chocs and once we had perfected this we knew what to look out for when we developed new fillings. We love the flavour combination of hazelnut and chocolate so when we discovered a hazelnut flavour that was free from nuts and tasted amazing we just had to make a new NOMO bar. The Hazelnot Smooth bar is completely nut free but tastes just like your favourite hazelnut spread.