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NGX body fuel meal replacement

NGX BodyFuel – Nutri-Genetix Ltd

NGX is the future of nutrition, brought to you today. A family of products designed to help you conveniently optimise your nutrition, so you can achieve your best possible fitness, health and wellbeing outcomes. NGX BodyFuel is the world’s first genetically personalised meal shake.

BodyFuel is a lean 150kcal, is high in pea protein, low in carbs, low in healthy fats and contains zero added sugar or GMO. Two 35g meals contains approximately 50g of ‘complete’ protein and 100% of the average guidelines recommendations, plus the extra nutrients required by your body, as revealed by your genetics.

This supports you in achieving your best results across fitness, health and wellbeing goals. BodyFuel was developed by world renowned nutritionists and scientists to provide a convenient, personalised shake at an affordable price. It is made from vegan friendly ingredients and is unflavoured, delivering an natural earthy taste that taste great and are ideal for use as a meal replacement breakfast shake, lunch shake or snack shake