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Three cans of MYND CBD drinks on ice

Mynd – Mynd Drinks

When we developed MYND we put quality first. After tasting every CBD drink on the market, we knew the consumer deserved better. So we set out to create a 100% plant-based CBD drink that not only tastes good but makes them feel good too. We made sure to find nothing but the highest quality ingredients all derived from nature. Some CBD drinks use a production method called ‘Broad Spectrum’. This method can also result in traces of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid known to get you ‘high’) in their liquid. MYND uses an isolate method, otherwise called “pure CBD” which completely isolates the CBD to get all the benefits & guarantees zero THC.

We only work with ingredients suppliers that are committed to providing ethically sourced, high quality water soluble isolate Hemp Extract.  We use CBD sourced from the purest Hemp plant in Colorado. In addition, we leverage SORSE, the most consistent stable and safe water-soluble solution. While SORSE is used by some other brands, Mynd maximizes its benefit by pasteurizing versus adding chemicals to ensure a crisp, clean taste with none of that bitter aftertaste. Finally, our gluten free liquid carries just 10 calories & 3 grams of carbs.