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Four bottles of Mockingbird Raw Press smoothies

Mockingbird Raw Press – Life Health Foods

Mockingbird Raw Press has launched with a range of new, cold-pressed fruit & vegetable smoothies, packed full of natural goodness, including superfoods and vitamins A, B6 & C.

We cold-press and small batch produce our smoothies with a unique high pressure process to retain all the natural raw integrity of our fresh ingredients. This means our smoothies possess a cleaner, more authentic flavour, and offer a genuine, naturally derived nutrient boost.

Our distinctive packaging embodies the considered craft & care that has gone into our unique process, with a monochrome theme that helps the natural vibrancy of the smoothies speak for themselves.

Complete with one of your 5 a day per 150ml serve, and crammed with at least 6 varieties of fruit, vegetables and superfoods per variant, Mockingbird Raw Press smoothies play into the growing trend of consumers seeking more convenient ways to increase their fruit & veg intake, combined with functional benefits such as fighting fatigue and boosting immunity, and the freshest, most delicious taste!