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Impossibrew bottle and full bear glass

IMPOSSIBREW Functional Lager 0.5% (Limited Edition) – IMPOSSIBREW Co

With shifting attitudes towards better health, the downsides of booze no longer fits with the modern lifestyle. While most alternatives focus only on taste, there are no options for healthy beer-lovers looking for a way to relax and unwind – traditionally satisfied by booze. 

IMPOSSIBREW Co. created the first functional 0.5% beer designed for a better, healthier way to unwind. Brewed not just with hops, but a blend of active plants like L-Theanine from Green Tea, Ginseng and others traditionally known for a soothing experience. It creates a third choice between drinking and abstaining for those looking for more.

Naturally brewed to 0.5% for maximum flavour, 49 calories per bottle, low-sugar, vegan and gluten-free.

Developed by a 24-year old sober beer-lover using herbal ingredients from his culture, along with a team of plant scientists and expert brewers – our award-winning first prototype limited edition batch of 4,000 sold out in under just 9 weeks.

Based on feedback from our early customers, we will be launching our main brew in August this year with plans to offer a range of functional beer alternatives.