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Glass and bottle of Kombuch Zero Pomegranate

GUTsy Captain Kombucha Zero Pomegranate – Asteriscos e Reticências, S.A.

The GUTsy Captain Kombucha Zero Pomegranate is an 100% authentic Kombucha full of live bacteria, with a delicious taste, but with zero sugar and zero calories.

The new Zero Sugar version of the GUTsy Captain Kombucha is also made in a traditional, handcrafted way, using only 100% natural and organic ingredients. In fact, we use the same ingredients as in the kombucha core range. The difference is that we make a longer fermentation until all sugar is gone, leaving… well… Zero Sugar.

At the end of the fermentation, we add our natural flavour of Pomegranate and get this exotic and refreshing healthy alternative drink that fits to all occasions.

We are very happy to bring together three major nutritional trends: a response to the growing demand for a Low/No Sugar diet, for healthier drink alternatives and Gut health benefits.

Enjoy it.

Mind the gut!