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Purition Banana shake

Purition Banana – Purition

Purition is rethinking food, creating a well-balanced range of ‘honest,’ naturally nutritious small meals to support your daily, ‘optimal health’ ambitions. Purition loves the taste and nutrient-dense nature of real food, which is why it’s taking a number of the nation’s more vocal fake shakes and disingenuous ‘nutritionally complete’ and ultra-processed offerings made from any number of overworked ingredients decks and synthetic extras. 

Purition is essentially about helping people achieve meaningful dietary change for better health outcomes, an enviable blend of ‘healthy fat’ seeds, nuts and either a premium whey or plant-based protein depending on your vegetarian/vegan leanings which blending effortlessly with your preferred milk format 

Banana Purition came into being specifically to counter a nagging suspicion that growing numbers of our customers were adding a banana to their daily shake. Whilst undeniably delicious, this well-intentioned addition was leading to the addition of significant ‘free sugars’ that are counter-intuitive to anyone using Purition to achieve weight loss.   

Even an unassuming, medium sized banana packs around 29g carbs, (including 15g of sugar) in stark contrast toour discreetly sweet, light and creamy shake which provides a welcome banana fix with less than 5g carbs (including 2g of sugar).