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Ingredient Insights Ticket

Join the live digital experience, Food Mattters Live, 16-17 November, 2021.

This is for innovative international ingredients companies that are actively seeking UK business. Eager to grow in the UK, and unsure how to.

Your benefits


Learn about doing business in the UK, including ways to navigate the UK’s regulatory environment


Discover how ingredient companies are pitching to UK buyers, and product developers. Gain the skills to do this for your business


1-2-1 meetings providing invaluable conversations with an extensive network of UK based brands and manufacturers


Through the Food Matters Live education programme, and tailored masterclasses, you will have access the UK’s future retail trends, and current regulations

What’s included?

How to sell more in the UK

Paul Tossell, Team Leader, GM and Novel Foods Team, Foods Standards Agency will be answering your questions about novel foods, helping you to understand the legislation and regulations around how your ingredients can be bought by UK manufacturers. This is part of a wider programme of masterclasses and education about how better to position your ingredients to meet the needs of brands and manufacturers based in the UK.

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