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Showcase your ideas and thought leadership with your own event

Do you have…


An interest in growing your connections within the food, drink, nutrition and ingredients sector?


Roadblocks when it comes to finding real and relevant people, who will be truly interested in your services and products?


The desire to connect and do business with an engaged community both in the UK, and across the globe?


Exciting insights and knowledge to share that will impact the future of food that our audience will love?

What’s involved?

Your expertise will be curated into a live event session that will get the Food Matters Live community talking.

You will be working with our content team before and during your event, but we would like to continue to work with you afterwards to maximise your participation.

Your company will be able to showcase ideas and develop connections within the community, and those who attend the event live.

Led by experts

The Food Matters Live will help you to curate your own event led by your business, with access to the expert Food Matters Live team and our technical know-how.

We will work with you to ensure that the event is tailored to your needs, providing first class hosts, as well as recommendations on marketing and engaged participation.

You will be working with our content team, such as our branded content lead Elisa Roche (pictured) before and during your event.

Benefits include…


reach on our social media channels, where your brand will be cascaded before, during, and after the event


engaged people will see your brand in our event campaign marketing


number of participants able to attend and interact with the event live


content, backed by our team of event production, branded content and marketing experts

Is your company ready to share its unique insights to the community?