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Why C3 Reduct is a powerful blend of the old and the new

4 min read

If you want an example of how ancient medical wisdom manifests itself in 2023, you find it in C3 Reduct®. It’s a ground breaker in the world of functional ingredients, having achieved a significant regulatory milestone by gaining approval as a novel food from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 

Regulated under Regulation 2015/2283, this approval marks C3 Reduct® as a safe and compliant product that meets the most stringent safety standards. Numerous studies have proved its safety and efficacy, reinforcing it as a trusted dietary supplement and one that product developers can use with confidence. 

Not only that, but C3 Reduct® is also the first curcumin metabolite product to receive EFSA novel food approval, and Sabinsa is also the first to deliver curcumin as a metabolite. The belief that curcumin has significant health benefits dates 5,000 years back to Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal practice. Its holistic approach to well-being chimes with our modern wellness-focused society. It used a vast array of functional ingredients chosen for their specific therapeutic properties, and curcumin, a natural compound found in turmeric, was one of the most significant. 

C3 Reduct® is derived from the Curcumin C3 Complex by a technique that Sabinsa has successfully employed.  It is well known fact that the benefits of Curcuminoids are attributed to the active reductive metabolites, which are tetrahydrocurcuminoids. 

These reductive metabolites are the first metabolites formed by cells after curcuminoids uptake. C3 Reduct® is one step ahead and bypasses the step of conversion of curcuminoids in the cells and provides directly active metabolites of curcuminoids to our body. These colourless or white tetrahydrocurcuminoids offer enhanced bioavailability and stability. The final C3 Reduct® product contains a minimum of 95% THCs, which makes C3 Reduct® a potent and efficient functional ingredient. It has no equivalent on the market, there is no match for it. 

It requires no bioavailability enhancers or additives. And the body assimilates it with relative ease through the gastrointestinal tract. This ensures high bioavailability and allows the body to efficiently absorb the active metabolites. And unlike traditional curcumin, which requires conversion in the body, C3 Reduct® delivers its benefits directly, eliminating the need for high doses or additional ingredients. 

Studies have shown the effectiveness of C3 Reduct® in supporting organs such as the liver, lungs, brain, kidneys, and gut. For instance, it plays a crucial role in mitigating lung fibrosis, a significant concern in the post-pandemic era. In the realm of brain health, it exhibits anti-amyloid activity, promising protection against neurodegeneration. 

And although liver diseases are on the rise globally, scientific studies have shown that C3 Reduct® effectively reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver. It also regulates cholesterol synthesis, as well as conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. Diabetes, a growing global concern, also finds a formidable opponent in C3 Reduct®, which helps manage healthy sugar levels, reduces blood glucose levels, and protects against complications. 

The market opportunities for this innovative product are also extremely promising, tapping into healthy ageing, brain health, joint health, particularly in conditions like osteoarthritis and immune support. Its colourless and flavourless nature also means it’s good for other growing markets, like sports nutrition products. The breadth of the application is matched only by the projections. 

According to Allied Market Research, sports nutrition, which was valued at $34.8bn in 2020, could almost double to $67.9bn by 2030. C3 Reduct® has demonstrated significant functionality in maintaining in the body by activating AMP activated cyclic kinase (AMPK) 250 times than curcuminoids. AMPK is central regulator of energy homeostasis because it balances nutrient supply with energy demand and stipulated ATP production under energy depleted conditions. C3 Reduct® qualifies as an excellent natural energy booster for sports athletes. Furthermore, sports and physical exercise can lead to inflammation in the body, but C3 Reduct® can help relieve muscle and joint inflammation.

And, crucially for today’s developers and consumers, Sabinsa says C3 Reduct® is sustainable, as evidenced by a farming model that covers over 20,000 acres in India where turmeric farmers are seen as partners. It says the number of farmers joining the network increases every year. Farmers are assured mutually agreed prices and are trained in the Good Agricultural Practices and Good Field Collection Practices developed by the World Health Organisation.

C3 Reduct® is testament to the enduring relevance of ancient wisdom and natural treatments in the modern world. It’s a functional, potent and approved ingredient, that blends ancient wisdom with our modern understanding of the microbiome, making C3 Reduct® a standout player in the world of functional ingredients. 


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