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What job will suit me? How to turn a passion for food into a career

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7 min read
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When it comes to choosing the right career path for you, it can be daunting to figure out how to find the perfect job. Does the perfect job even exist? How does one even find which job suits them? 

There are many factors that come into play to determine whether or not a job suits you. These include:

  • Personality: does this job match me as a person? 
  • Competencies: am I good at what the job is asking of me?
  • Job opportunities: am I going to get paid for my work?

Below, we explain the main things you need to know to determine which profession within the food industry will suit you.

Figure out what you enjoy and avoid the wrong roles

By looking at things critically, you can prevent a mismatch between your job and your personality. Perhaps you’re a naturally shy person, so a pro-facing role isn’t best for you, or you like to stay on your feet and have the opportunity to make decisions quickly, whatever your personality, it is best to not choose a career that overtly contrasts with who you are as a person.

Additionally, you’ll find that there can be a mismatch between you and a job if your skills and, again, your personality do not match. Alternatively, you may feel as if you were forced into a role as the work you wanted to do was not available. So, how can you tell if a job isn’t the right fit for you?

  • Mistake:
    A mistake in choosing your current or prospective job role is a pretty common occurrence when it comes to choosing the wrong career for you.

In this case, you may have the opportunities available, the right competencies, and be sufficiently qualified for the role, but the work you’re doing or are applying for doesn’t match you or your personality.

  • Illusion:
    You may have your eyes set on a particular job role, but the reality is that you aren’t sufficiently qualified to apply.

Although many of these “illusory” job roles can be made reachable by training, work experience, and qualifications, some professions may simply be out of reach for you altogether. In this case, we recommend finding an alternative job role that is a perfect fit for you as a person, requires competencies you already have, and is still something you enjoy in order to avoid making a mistake in your career.

  • Hobby:
    You may love doing a certain role, it completely suits your personality and you’re really good at it. However, reality hits when there aren’t sufficient employment opportunities in this field or there’s too much competition.  In this case, it may be best to wait it out within an alternative similar job role, not only can this provide an extra boost to your CV when you do eventually find the role you want, but you’ll also be earning while you wait.

Applying your passions to a career

Finding the perfect profession for you can be as simple as asking yourself one question: “what do I love doing?” Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a job role we don’t love either out of obligation, opportunity, convenience, or profit.

Although these are certainly justifiable reasons for staying in an unlikable job role, you may find yourself not truly being fulfilled. There may be a lot of contention regarding turning your passions into your full-time job, but it has certainly been done before – and it is definitely not impossible within the food industry.

So, how can you turn your passions into a career?

  • What do you love to do, and do you do it well?:
    Figure out your truest passions when it comes to food – what do you really love to do? When you’re home from work and making a meal, what’s the best part? The mixing of spices? The preparation? The simple heat of the kitchen?

Getting in touch with these passions is key in finding your next steps, and if, for example, you’re great at identifying which spices mix well together to innovate new flavours, use this as your jumping-off point when plotting your career move.

  • Get feedback:
    Sometimes you aren’t actually the best judge of what makes you happy – shocking, we know! You may have an idea of what you love doing, but asking people you are closest with when you seem the happiest and what you do the most enthusiastically can help you to find your true passions for a career.
  • Does further education sound like a good fit?:
    Often, our passions will lead to jobs that require some level of higher education. Whether it’s as a sous chef or a restaurant manager, find some time to set aside and research your desired job role – what qualifications will I need if I want to pursue it?

Looking through the possibilities available to you when it comes to university or college can help you find the route into your desired role.

Getting started

So, you know what you love doing. Just where do you go from here? It can be a big leap to turn your passion into a viable career. Whether you’re jumping industries or going straight from education, here are four steps you can take to make your entry into your desired industry.

  1. Talk to a career adviser:
    Speaking to a career adviser  can help you to focus  in on how to enter your desired job role – it’s what they do for their living! They’ll have the tools and insights to help you discover the things you really love to do, what you do best, and how to find a career based on these passions.
  2. What is the job really like?:
    We live in an extremely social world. Once you know what you want to do, get busy on social media to find out what the job role is really like. Connect with people who share your interests, read blogs about the industry and see if you can get some work experience opportunities.
  3. Take the plunge:
    Ultimately, you won’t really know what you want to do until you go for it. If you haven’t experienced the job role yourself, it can all just be speculation. Take a small step and apply for a class or work experience, until you roll up your sleeves and take the plunge, you won’t know unless you try!

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