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Featured food podcasts by industry experts

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podcast recording in a studio

Food Matters Live publishes regular podcasts covering all aspects of the food industry. We invite industry experts, CEOs, start-ups, innovators and others to discuss topics that will resonate with anyone who has chosen a career in the food industry.

Explore the latest innovations in the world of food sustainability, and how the top food experts are exploring ways to make our food production systems and businesses more sustainable while tackling a climate crisis or learn about the science behind food itself; and how taste and flavour can each have impacts on our emotions and much more about what makes us human. 

Whatever you’re interested in when it comes to the food industry, you’re certain to find something from the selection of our favourite podcasts from over the years. Take a look below at some of our top food podcasts.

Podcasts on sustainability

Clean eating, veganism, and ethical consumption have all seen a rise in popularity in recent years as awareness about environmental issues is now affecting the ways we eat and obtain our food. 

Sustainability is a word on everyone’s lips in the food industry – just how are businesses making their operations more sustainable to protect the world we live in, how will the meat production industry adapt as one of the largest global producers of greenhouse gases, and how does the future look in terms feeding the global population while avoiding an environmental calamity? 

These are the significant issues we are tackling in the food industry right now, so what better way to learn more about what we’re doing is there than by listening to our captivating podcasts on the latest issues in the world of sustainability? With interviews featuring top food scientists and big names in the food industry, join us as we explore the current and emerging solutions for environmental sustainability.

George Monbiot: ‘Protein production must move from farm to factory’

George Monbiot

Farming has been called one of the greatest causes of the destruction of ecosystems, habitats, climate breakdown, pollution of rivers and seas, loss of wildlife and extinction. So, what is the solution – how do we feed our constantly growing global population? 

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, our host Stefan Gates is joined by Guardian columnist and environmental activist George Monbiot to discuss the future of food production within the UK and around the globe. Monbiot believes several things need to, and can, change. Otherwise, we are at risk of “eating the planet”. 

Listen to the full episode to hear how agricultural subsidies could be getting in the way of sustainable progress and how bacteria could be the key to solving some of the world’s biggest food concerns.

How to make your food business more sustainable

Flat-lay of healthy green vegan cooking ingredients

Sustainability is the buzzword in the food industry at the moment – but one major challenge is making your business more sustainable without bankrupting yourself. 

Although consumers are ever more aware of increasing climate concerns, meaning they may be willing to pay a bit extra for the planet-friendly option on the menu, simply having a more expensive option on the menu is not an option for many – businesses and customers alike.

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, our host Stefan Gates is joined by Juliane Caillouette Noble, managing director at the Sustainable Restaurant Association to discuss how hospitality businesses can make practices more sustainable, and how doing so could help bring running costs down. 

Listen to the full episode to discover how the environment is being affected by the hospitality sector, and how even small changes in these businesses can not only reduce their carbon footprint; but also their running costs.

Podcasts for entrepreneurs

The food industry is full of inspiring success stories for all interested in beginning an enterprise in the world of food and beverages. Our selection of podcasts based on some of the most renowned and successful entrepreneurs in the industry allows you to listen to experts and the stories they have to tell. 

From master chefs, creative mixologists, environmental scientists, and even those in the world of social media who keep our world of food and drink turning join us as we learn about the ever-expanding and varied world of the food industry from the very best entrepreneurs. 

You will realise how its influence reaches beyond just the kitchen!

Meet the woman behind Montezuma’s chocolate

Helen Pattinson, Montezuma's chocolate

You know how it is, one minute you’re working as a lawyer, the next you’re the co-founder of a hugely successful chocolate brand. This was the trajectory of Helen Pattinson’s life, who is co-founder of Montezuma’s and once enjoyed a successful life as a lawyer, but didn’t know what her true passions were until the spark of her ambition was ignited. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little push. Helen’s was during a trip to Argentina with her future husband that the idea of starting the Montezuma’s chocolate brand first emerged between the pair. 

“You don’t have to do what everyone else does. Really, really think about what you love in life.”

Listen to the full episode of our podcast with our host Elisa Roche, to discover the setbacks that even the most successful brands face, and how those setbacks were turned into an opportunity to transform their idea into a reality.

Podcasts for start-ups

The stories that inspire us to achieve our food-related dreams, these podcasts shine a light on the tales of others that have taken an insurmountable challenge upon themselves to help the food, drink, and nutritional sectors grow around the world. 

Find mesmeric accounts from amazing people and new companies that are constantly overcoming the odds, pathfinding, and pushing the boundaries in their communities, cities, and countries all while getting their home-grown addition to the food industry on the map. 

The refugee chefs taking Malaysia by storm

image of Malaysian refugees arranging food on table outdoors

Image credits, PichaEats

Image credits, PichaEats

This episode of the Food Matters Live podcast features Suzanne Ling, Co-Founder of PichaEats about how she came up with the idea for her business while still a student. 

Founded in 2016, PichaEats is an innovative company in Malaysia that is aiming to transform the lives of refugees from displaced communities within the country through food delivery. Ling created PichaEats to be an impact-driven business – the aim being to not only serve delicious meals from the refugees’ home countries of Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, and more, but also to be a catalyst for change among these communities.

In this episode of our podcast, Stefan Gates interviews Suzanne Ling about what drove her in coming up with the initial idea for the business, why making a profit is such an important catalyst for what they are trying to achieve, and how the business model could have been destroyed by the pandemic.

Podcasts about food science

The science behind the food industry is fascinating. The latest innovations, the most important discoveries, and the newest developments are all driven by highly-complex science that we could never hope to understand. Or could we? 

Our science section takes a deep dive into the fantastical world of the driving force behind the food industry’s latest innovations – the science that underpins the food, drink, nutrition, and supplements sectors and helps to make our lives better in more ways than one. 

Join us in our pursuit of knowledge, exploring the ways science is expanding our knowledge about what we eat, drink, and need to maintain optimal health while expanding your knowledge on how the industry creates new opportunities with science.

Flavour – is it all in the mind?

head with pink brain and flowers

While many of us know that the experience of flavour itself doesn’t just come from our taste buds, do you know what other factors are at play when we eat and why they are so important? 

From bitterness helping us to avoid poisons while foraging a millennia ago to the contemporary mastery over spices, helping us to create delectable cuisines – this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast has Stefan Gates joined by Betina Piqueras Fiszman, Associate Professor at Wageningen University for a discussion on the history of taste and flavour, and the important role they have played in human evolution.

Join us as we discover whether emotions can affect our eating experience, what tricks can be utilised to enhance the flavours we’re experiencing, and what, if anything, can be done for those who have lost their taste as a consequence of COVID. 

Low and no alcohol: The art and science of flavour

close up of four people's hands holding drinks

The rise in non-drinkers is notable, especially among Generation Z, but for those who are looking for a convincing alternative, we all know that flavour is the key giveaway in any alcohol-free beverage. 

You’d think alcohol-free gin would be a fairly simple thing to make convincing, but unfortunately, mastering the flavour of these drinks is one of the most difficult things to do. 

Just how do you match the unique flavours found in alcoholic drinks – the flavour profile of a single malt whisky or the burn from a shot of tequila simply cannot be convincingly replicated just yet, so what gives?

This podcast was made in partnership with Kerry, so join us as we ask Michel Aubanel, Flavour Ingredients Global Development Director at Kerry, John Kelly, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager in Beverages, at Kerry, Danielle Bekker, Co-Founder of Good Living Brew, and Craig Hutchinson, Founder of a portfolio of no-alcoholic spirits about what goes into getting the right flavour for alcohol-free drinks, and whether it’s even worth trying to replicate rather than innovate something new entirely.

Podcasts discussing health

With the COVID-19 pandemic years kicking our interests in health into gear, it’s only natural to want to know what you can do to give your health a boost if the next one comes around sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, our selection of health podcasts explores everything you need to know about the health of your body. 

From learning about probiotics and the second brain in our body, the stomach, to the benefits of supplements, vitamins, and minerals, and what our bodies need to get enough of them, join us as we explore some of the biggest health claims and whether they stand up to any scrutiny from top food scientists and health experts in the industry.

What next for gut health claims in food and drink?

A vector illustration about the digestive system

The last few years have seen a rise in curiosity about foods and drinks that claim to supposedly improve the health of your gut – but what does this mean, and does it work? 

This episode of the Food Matters Live podcast explores some of the research on this topic, as well as the many different ways the food and nutrition industry is tapping into this market. 

We are joined by a selection of experts in the field to discuss which of the latest food trends, actually stand up to scrutiny. Jon Walsh, Founder and CEO of Bio & Me, María Mascaraque, Analyst at Euromonitor, and nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson join us to discuss the future of gut health foods, and what the future holds for the gut health food and drink sector. 

Podcasts aimed at careers in food

There are plenty of different roles within the food industry, but if you’ve got a penchant for the industry and want to join yourself, how do you know what role is best for you – and how do you even get there? 

These podcasts offer unique insights into the amazing careers and opportunities in the food industry, allowing you to listen to experts in cooking, mixology, the environment, psychology, branding, social media and more about their job role and what it entails. 

Who knows, maybe the job you had in mind won’t sound like a good fit for you and you’ll prefer a different role we’ve speak about. 

Join us as we learn about the amazingly varied roles in the food industry that can expand your horizons beyond the kitchen. 

The secret to becoming a flavourist

ADM Flavourist, Marie Wright, smiling

What is a flavourist, and what do you need to know to have a successful career as one? Think of it more as a perfumer, creating unique tastes and flavour profiles for a range of food and drinks – certainly a non-traditional perspective on food. 

Join Elisa Roche as she speaks to Marie Wright, President, Creation, Design & Development and Chief Global Flavourist, ADM, about the role of flavourist, which not only involves helping brands to create brand new flavours, but also recreating complicated flavours that ignite the senses, and how someone interested in this kind of role can go about do that. 

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss with Marie what traits she thinks are necessary to make a good leader, why you needn’t choose between the arts or the sciences, and why any prospective flavourist in the food industry will need a good sense of humour to succeed. 

Podcasts exploring agri-foodtech

The climate crisis has driven the need for new and sustainable agricultural technology more than ever. However, because of this surge in innovation to tackle the problems that come with feeding the global population, there’s never been a more interesting and exciting time to explore the science behind the future of agriculture and the technology fuelling our futures. 

Our agri-tech podcasts explore the science and technology that come with sustainably feeding the world, the data behind it all, trends, and the experts who are behind the latest innovations within the food and agri-tech industries.  

Transforming the desert into fertile land

Circular fields of crops in the desert of Arizona just outside of Phoenix as shot from an altitude of about 1000 feet from a helicopter.

What is the answer to food security when a country is surrounded by desert and infertile land? This is a growing problem around the world with the climate crisis, but it is a current and urgent problem for people living in the United Arab Emirates – with an estimated 120,000 square kilometres of land being lost to the desert each year. 

Countries like the UAE have a heavy reliance on food imports. However, efforts are being made to turn the tide against the desert, rendering infertile land into fertile land once again – but how exactly does this work?

We spoke to Dr Dionysia Angeliki Lyra, Halophyte Agronomist, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, and Atle Island, Co-founder, GM and Managing Director, Desert Control about the technology behind making the desert fertile, the costs that come with failing to act, and the challenge of increasing the diversity and size of crops being grown in this new-found fertile land. 

Notable mentions

War in Ukraine – what next for the global food system?

Close up of tank in desolate field, shot from below

The images of suffering from the war in Ukraine have been some of the most horrifying to come out of Europe in decades. This war has already led to thousands of deaths, caused untold destruction, and disrupted the daily lives of many. 

Among the terrible scenes coming from Ukraine, we see a country that is a linchpin of the global food system, undergoing catastrophic change – the ripples of which will be felt worldwide. So, what consequences will this have on the food sector? 

Ukraine is often referred to as the breadbasket of Europe and, with approximately a quarter of all working-age people in Ukraine being employed in the agricultural sector, how will the war affect the global food system and global food insecurity?

Join us as Stefan Gates speaks to Tony Heron, Professor of International Political Economy at the University of York about the impacts the war will have on the food system, what the global response may be, and the repercussions of that response.

The history of tea – from ancient China to kombucha

illustration of tea ceremony

Tea – the drink of choice for millions of Brits, but do you know the fascinating history behind the nation’s favourite beverage before it arrived on our shores? In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, we explore the colourful, engaging, and varied history of tea to discover what the past could provide for the tea makers of today.

Did you know that one tiny parcel of tea was once worth more than a limousine is today and that it was the act of smuggling that enabled our ancestors to enjoy tea for the very first time? 

In this episode, Stefan Gates is joined by Will Battle, Managing Director at Fine Tea Merchants, and author of the World Tea Encyclopaedia. Together, they explore the critical role tea has played in today’s global economy and yesteryear.

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