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Welcome… to a better tomorrow

James Halliwell
2 min read
AUTHOR: James Halliwell
Kids and nutrition

Thank you for joining me this weekend while Stef is away. 

Following on from her theme of ‘change in the air’ last week, we look at a range of food-related matters where progress is being made, but there is still more to do and sometimes it feels achingly slow. So how to speed things up?

For instance, the UK gets more health-conscious every day, but the amount of fibre we eat has been slumping for a hundred years. Why is fibre so unfashionable and what can be done to make it en vogue

Something else that doesn’t change is the resistance by children (and perhaps the adults feeding them) to eating a nutritious balanced diet, as opposed to a balance of chips and pizza. This week’s Food Matters Live podcast explores how to get children engaged and excited about the wide world of food, and possibly risk eating broccoli. 

Meanwhile, efforts continue around the world to improve our everyday diets. New research says targeted reformulation could halve obesity rates in the UK. And the USA is planning to cut levels of salt and sugar in their school dinners.

Continuing the nutritious theme, Food Matters Live is preparing for the launch of Inspiring Nutrition in May, so here is everything you need to know about this series of events, and how to get involved. 

Wishing you a wonderful food-filled weekend,



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