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Welcome from the editor: this is Britain

2 min read
Queen's Crown

Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend.

And not just any weekend, but the Platinum Jubilee weekend. In Britain we are celebrating 70 years since the ascension of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne. 70 years is quite a long time to be in the same job, isn’t it? Street parties and all kinds of celebrations are taking place around the country as I write. Homes, pubs, restaurants and streets are adorned with bunting and people are enjoying traditional British food and no doubt plenty of beer and tea (although lots of prosecco will be drunk too, such is the love affair between the Brits and the Italian sparkling wine).

The way we eat in the UK has changed enormously in the last seven decades, when new products and brands were launched in 1952 to coincide with Elizabeth Windsor becoming Queen of the United Kingdom. We take a look at the changes and novelties in our cuisine in Platinum Jubilee: 70 years of British food and in The foods born out of British Royal celebrations – and those that never took off.

British food might have had quite the overhaul since the 50s, but the reality now is how much more expensive it has become. We dig deep and find out which items – from staples to luxury products – have gone up in price and by how much in Cost of living: soaring food prices and the products and supermarkets worst hit by inflation. A must read for all, especially if you are hosting a jubilee party this weekend.

Maybe it’s the jubilee, maybe it’s a need for simpler times, but dishes from the past have become popular again. Find out more in Cooking with nostalgia: the comeback of traditional British foods of yesteryear.

And if you love art, don’t miss A feast for the eyes: food in art, from table to wall and discover the meaning behind some of the most famous depictions of fruit, meat, fish and bread.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,