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Welcome from the editor: the history of food and drink

2 min read
painting of people enjoying a feast

Welcome, and thank you for joining me this weekend.

It’s fascinating how history informs what and how we eat today and how foods and drinks’ popularity evolves.

With Easter only a week away, we discover Why we eat chocolate eggs: the history and tradition behind the sweet treat.

Gin is one of the most drunk spirits in the UK and the world, but originally it wasn’t a drink to be enjoyed with tonic water on a hot summer day, rather it was a medicine. Listen to its fascinating history in The turbulent history of gin – and where it’s heading next.

Sugar was once rare and expensive, but these days not only is it cheap and we consume far too much of it, the white stuff is insidious and finds its way in the most unlikely of foods, with catastrophic consequences for human health. Change is needed and this week we’ve seen Health organisations call out the Government for continued delay to sugar reduction report as childhood obesity rates climb.

As mentioned here before, veganism is not as new as we might think, but the flourishing of plant-based brands certainly is, and this new food revolution is making history. We’ve caught up with Marc Coloma, CEO of Heura Foods, to talk about the rise of plant-based companies and find out about how he’s gone from animal welfare activist to businessman.

I wonder what foods and drinks will make history next…

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,