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Welcome from the editor: The Big Heat

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2 min read
AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
Hot sun

Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend.

Britain is known for rain and grey skies, but just like the rest of Europe, we are experiencing a heatwave. With temperatures in London forecasted to be in the high 30s next week, many of us are yearning for the days of umbrellas and bowler hats. Or just for mid 20s celsius.

High temperatures are no laughing matter. Lack of rain and a scorching sun have been having a devastating effect on crops and water supplies in many countries. We could soon be having shortages of several foods, including olive oil, tomatoes and rice. Read how The drought in Northern Italy is threatening food staples.

Talking of Mediterranean foodstuff, in this week’s Food Matters Live Podcast, award winning author, doctor, and consultant Simon Poole answers the question Exactly why is a Mediterranean diet good for you? Can those living in colder climates still benefit from it? Listen to find out.

On a lighter note, this week’s feature might make you feel a little hot under the collar, and perhaps elicit a laugh, but it nonetheless looks at a serious issue in the food and drink industry: why the name and branding of a product need to be carefully thought out with a global market in mind. Don’t miss Rude food: when brand names have a different meaning in other countries.

If you didn’t the first time around, here’s your chance to read two of our most popular features: How restaurant brands have successfully taken over supermarket shelves and From seaweed to coconut: sustainable packaging solutions fighting the war on plastic. Enjoy.

Wishing you a cool weekend,



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