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Welcome from the editor: predictions and perceptions

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2 min read
AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
ice cream cone with melted pink brain

Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend.

Recently I was watching a talk given by Israeli neuroscientist Moran Cerf on how scientists not only can predict choices individuals are about make, but also how these choices can be influenced. Cerf’s talk was as fascinating as it was slightly troubling, and it brought up many questions about freewill and predetermination.

This week we look at exactly that, and how hues are perceived and used to stimulate and steer consumers’ gastronomy choices in our feature Eating with your eyes: how colour impacts our psychology and relationship with food.

The food industry is of course very clued up when it comes to predicting and influencing consumer trends, wants and needs. But how does it do that? We tell you in the How do brands predict our future eating habits? podcast.

Perception has also been an important factor affecting the low and no alcohol drink sector. Only a few years ago, not drinking alcohol on a night out was seen as an odd choice, or perhaps one dictated by health issues, but that’s changing, and we find out in Sober fun: the history and rise of low and no alcohol drinks and social clubs.

Lastly NASA have predicted astronauts have had enough of eating freeze-dried food – probably because they’ve been told – and are on a quest to find innovative food companies to provide easy to prepare delicious meals to their star men and women in space.

I would like to think that I’m not that predictable, but I suspect I am more than I think I am. Can you guess what I’ll include in next Saturday’s Food Matters Weekly? If you can, please let me know. I don’t yet.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,