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Welcome from the editor: points of view

2 min read
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Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend.

The most common – and possibly most realistic – advice to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to stop, or at least reduce, the amount of animal products we eat.

Several surveys have shown that a large percentage of the western population is concerned about climate change, with many suffering from a very zeitgeisty chagrin: climate anxiety. Yet, it doesn’t seem that all these worried people who like to fill out surveys are ditching their daily animal products intake, proven by the fact that meat consumption is still very high.

As humans are in no hurry to stop eating animals, despite knowing what it does to the environment, their health, and the animals in question, clever, techie types have come up with some ingenious innovations to put the environmental onus on the animal, rather than the human. After all animals don’t have any buying power. Find out how cows, chickens, pigs et al can reduce their GHG emissions before they meet their maker in 7 innovative technologies developed to cut greenhouse gas emissions in animal agriculture.

The UK is not the only country in Europe where you need to remortgage your house to buy a couple of tomatoes. In fact pretty much every nation is being hit by the cost of living crisis. But the way different governments are responding to it varies wildly, with some even resorting to the lost art of ‘snitching’. Read about it in Food companies in France agree to lower prices, with government willing to ‘name and shame’ those who don’t comply.

On a lighter note, hasn’t the weather been glorious? Or depending on your view, terribly worrying and showing signs of climate doom? Or both? One of the joys of life is eating and drinking al fresco, whether in a restaurant or slumbered in a park. This week we delve into From Paris to the local park – a potted history of picnics. A perfect listen as you prepare food to take to your local patch of greenery and soak up the sun.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,



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