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Welcome from the editor: longevity

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2 min read
AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
man on a boat spotting a lighthouse

Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend.

This week I’ve been thinking about the importance of making sure that plans have longevity and are not just a quick fix for the short term. Of course, this has had much to do with energy prices for the business sector being capped for six months. Six months go fast. What next?

With the Government announcing these price caps, this week’s feature asks the question How can Prime Minister Liz Truss help the food industry?

With animal agriculture, welfare and climate change issues being more prominent than ever, and advances being made in the food sector, Klaus Mitchell, Founder of Plant Based News joins the Food Matters Live Podcast to discuss a topic on many people’s mind: Is it inevitable that we’ll all remove animals from our diets?

And if this week you’ve been rushed off your feet and have not had a chance to keep on top with what’s been going on, here’s your chance to catch up with A week in news: the latest food and drink headlines 19 – 23 September.

Don’t miss one of this week’s most popular reads, Unlocking the secrets behind brain food, and if you didn’t read it the first time around, delve into this fascinating interview: Dining Table Tales with…Rachel Roddy.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,



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