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Welcome from the editor: it starts in the kitchen

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2 min read
AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
cooking utensils

Welcome and thank you from joining me this weekend.

I’m a great believer that the path to good health starts in the kitchen. That’s not saying that everything can be cured with food, but healthy, nutritious produce can certainly support wellness.

These days many experts and scientists take a holistic approach to human health, citing nutrition, exercise, sleep and socialisation as factors that contribute to wellbeing and even happiness.

Anyone can spot the difference in how they feel after a weekend of excesses compared to a few days of healthy food, walks and good sleep.
Lifestyle changes should not however be a quick fix, but adopted for the long term, with the odd day of indulgence added in.

In this week’s feature Reproductive health: the beneficial role of nutrition in men and women’s fertility, we speak to registered Dietitians Cordula Henggeler and Monika Bettney about how the right foods can be beneficial when trying for a baby, not just for females, but males too – a too often untapped area of discussion.

Personalised nutrition is getting much attention. The ‘one diet fits all’ approach is losing ground, with plans specific to each individual gaining traction. Tim Spector’s personalised nutrition programme ZOE received £2M investment this week, showing the interest this area is getting.

Spring is officially three days away. Country (or even inner city, if there’s a decent green, wild area nearby) strolls are a great way of getting some exercise, breathing in fresh air, and – why not – also searching for food. Find out what delicious bounty might be crossing your path and could be popped in your pan, in Nature’s wild harvest: how to forage and cook edible plants.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,



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