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Trademarked ingredient Rosiom® is led by innovation from Fytexia and KitoZyme, with international distribution

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contributor: Fytexia

Fytexia has partnered with KitoZyme and has now become the international distributor of the health ingredient Rosiom®. It is a patented ingredient called “Chitin Glucan” that is revolutionising the science-supported ingredients market and is from fungal origin.

The partnership of these two cutting-edge and innovative entities within the ingredients community allows Fytexia to internationally distribute the prebiotic fibre Chitin-Glucan which is used to support Immunity and Cardiovascular Health. The ingredient is now promoted under the trademark Rosiom® within Fytexia’s range of clinically supported ingredients.

The scientific teams of KitoZyme and Fytexia have been working conjointly during the past months to run an extensive assessment of the scientific data supporting Rosiom® and to reinforce its positioning on Immunity and Cardiovascular health, benefits offered through the regulation of the human gut firmicute Roseburia.

Rosiom® is a prebiotic fibre derived from the mycelium of Aspergillus Niger and contributing to the promotion of the colonic population of Roseburia, to provide proven benefits on immunity and cardiovascular health. The ingredient works by selectively promoting the Gram+ bacteria Roseburia in the colon of the supplemented subjects. A causal relationship between the regular consumption of Rosiom® and the production of short and long chain fatty acids of interest, impacting inflammation, oxidative stress, and lipoprotein metabolism has been demonstrated in a clinical investigation, as is stated by Fytexia.

Fytexia further describes Rosiom® to selectively contribute to the promotion of Roseburia in the colon, providing targeted health benefits such as healthy microbiome to strengthen the epithelial barrier and modulate markers of inflammation for the reinforcement of the adaptive immune response. The ingredient is also clinically proven for reducing the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, managing dyslipidemia and thus contributing to the reduction of the formation of atheroma plaques.

Lastly, the international distribution of Rosiom®, an ingredient holding EU Novel Food Approval and self-affirmed GRAS, not only holds immense opportunity for both Fytexia and KitoZyme, but likewise presents promising progress for our larger ingredient’s community.

More about these innovative companies:


Fytexia is a life science company expert in scientifically-supported active nutrients for healthcare products with the mission to “reduce risk factors for non-communicable diseases by offering innovative nutritional supplements from our scientific research and inspired by recognised public health food practices.” The company is a leader in the research and scientific validation of bioactive compounds to deliver turnkey solutions for the improvement of human health and wellbeing through the prevention of non-communicable diseases.


KitoZyme specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices, food supplements and oenological ingredients from fungal chitosan and chitin-glucan. Their products are backed up by over 15 years of Research & Development and they have a solid portfolio of patents to protect their products, applications and production processes. KitoZyme have also successfully conducted a large number of safety and efficacy studies in order to deliver scientifically proven solutions to the market.

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