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The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Challenge 2021 welcomes 8 successful start-ups for accelerator program

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn

The eight successful start-ups selected to participate in The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Challenge (TYLAPC) 2021 offering the opportunity to access prizes over $1.6M USD, have been announced by The Yield Lab Asia Pacific.

TYLAPC was introduced as a call to action to draw out impactful aquaculture innovation from every corner of the globe and is the first non-equity aquaculture accelerator program designed to have a global impact. It is run by The Yield Lab Asia Pacific, a global federation of funds that provide early-stage investments in sustainable agtech start-ups. 

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific launched TYLAPC in order to advance and scale sustainable aquaculture globally whilst actively addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

In a press release The Yield Lab Asia Pacific said: “In order to sustainably meet the nutritional needs of 10 billion people by 2050, an increase in diverse innovation in the area of agrifood and aqua technologies is required. Fish and shellfish convert feed more efficiently than land-based animals, aquaculture desperately needs technology and data-driven solutions to improve farming systems, animal health and their impact on the environment, while improving production and supply chain efficiency, and thus accelerate the availability of this important protein.”

After a rigorous selection process involving 180 applications from all continents and sub-sectors of aquaculture including water quality management, farming technology, disease management and nutrition, the final eight start-ups have been welcomed to the six month program which is already underway. Start-ups will be paired with experienced experts and through bespoke mentoring they will be able to accelerate their solution whilst also gaining access to transformative investment opportunities. 

The program will culminate on 7 October where all start-ups will pitch to a global audience of aquaculture experts and investors. 

TYLAPC 2021 successful start-ups include: Feedvax (Argentina), Genufeed (Israel), Jala (Indonesia), Salmokine (Chile), Seawater Solutions (UK), TeOra (Singapore), Wittaya Aqua (Canada), and Xylome (USA). They span across a range of species including shrimp, trout, tilapia and many others. 

The Challenge is sponsored by companies including the US Soybean Export Council, IBM, IBM Research, Salmon Sustentable, Enterprise Singapore, Startup SG, Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, Aqua Bridge the Global Seafood Alliance. It also involves multiple experts from prestigious corporates, NGOs and universities.