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The Food Consortium CTP to supply UK Food and Drink industry with fresh talent through PhD studentships

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
Phd researchers working in the lab

The Food Consortium Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) will educate researchers about tackling current societal, environmental and economic issues in the UK food and drink industry with innovation, through the delivery of 28 PhD studentships.

Food manufacturing giants with notable R&D sites in the country,including Mondelez, Nestlé, PepsiCo and the Samworth Brothers, will be involved in the delivery of The Food Consortium CTP.

The CTP will also involve collaboration with the UK’s largest independent science and technology provider and food industry trainer, Campden BRI, and the Hadyn Green Institute, the business school at Nottingham University which promotes impact-driven entrepreneurship.

Campden BRI Scientific Affairs Director, Tim Foster said: “We are delighted to be part of The Food Consortium. We have worked collaboratively for many years in the KTN Food Strategy Group, on an informal basis. Through that trusted connection we have developed the joint vision and scope for the CTP.”

The CTP hopes to tackle several key areas during the training programme including resilience in agriculture, resource utilisation, and improving food quality for consumers.

Campden BRI will provide business-facing training for researchers and supervisors, focusing on what points to be aware of during the commercialisation of early-stage science and technology. Supervisors will also equip researchers with leadership skills to help create a new influential network of UK food researchers.

Foster added: “Campden BRI has had a central role in coordinating the writing of the CTP and will now be managing and administering it. We see this as being a major stepping stone and a collective effort to provide well trained researchers to develop the industry of the future, building a cohort to provide the UK Food and Drink Industry with strength for years to come”.


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