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Indian start-up Demolish Foods unveils new plant-protein fibres that mimic meat muscle

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
Fried vegan soy steak with rosemary, salt and pepper on black plate on wooden background

Bangalore-based meat alternatives company Demolish Foods has successfully developed plant protein fibres which can be used in the production of plant-based whole-cut meats.

The plant-based protein fibres don’t contain any carbohydrates, allowing it to mimic the texture and consistency of meat. Furthermore as the fibres are thinner than human hair, they are easier to turn into whole-cut meat. When combined with the right flavourings and fats, they can be used as alternatives to a variety of meats and fish.

Process of developing the fibres is done at room temperature, allowing Demolish Foods to create whole-cut plant meats that are raw and uncooked.

Founded in 2020, Demolish Foods hopes to become a leader in whole-cut plant-based meats, an area which it believes is still relatively untapped by most plant-based food companies.

The start-up was a finalist in the XPRIZE Feed The Next Billion, a four-year competition where teams battle to create whole-cut meat alternatives such as vegan chicken breasts or fish fillets for a prize of $15M to be split between the winner and runner-ups. The winning product must have similar nutritional quality, structure, texture, and flavour to traditional whole-cut meats. A prize is also awarded to the team who creates a successful cruelty-free growth media and spends the least money on production in the process.

The start-up has debuted its new invention at a the Future Food Tech Summit in San Francisco this week and hopes launch it on the market by the end of the year.


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