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Ruitenberg returns to Food Matters Live with revolutionary ingredients

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contributor: Ruitenberg Ingredients
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For the first time this June, Food Matters Live held an exciting new way to discover, explore and connect with the most innovative ingredients companies in the world, with the live Ingredient Discovery Spotlight sessions. Ruitenberg Ingredients led their own Ingredient Discovery Spotlight, as an Ingredient Innovator at the June event, and we are welcoming them back at this November’s Food Matters Live, as they host another spotlight session.

Excitingly, this pioneering and family-owned company based in the Netherlands, was also the winner of a Food Matters Live Awards, Innovative Ingredient of the Year, with their ingredient Rudin®ProVega, Faba Bean Nuggets.

Natasja Huisman, Account Manager International, shares the progress of this ingredient since its award win, and why the company is coming back to join us this November.

Why has Ruitenberg decided to return as an Ingredient Innovator for November’s Food Matters Live?

We returned to Food Matters Live, because we had a good experience in the first one, valuable and interesting meetings in result of our ingredient spotlight session. Plus, the meetings were short, so we can have the opportunity to have a first idea with a potential customer. And, with a lot of the meetings I had at Food Matters Live, I have continued onto a second longer meeting with them, beside other members of our team. These meetings are a good starting point to see if we can do something for each other and to see if our ingredients are interesting to these potential customers.

How was your ingredient spotlight session?

We had a really positive experience and plenty of people were intrigued, interested and excited to learn about our innovative ingredients in the plant-based sector. We are looking forward to returning in November.

What will Ruitenberg be sharing in their Food Matters Live session in November?

We have a product that we will be introducing, a completely brand new ingredient that has been in development for around a year, but it’s all to be revealed… People will have to stay tuned and join our session at Food Matters Live.

Which Ruitenberg products have been performing the best, or have seen a growth in the last 18 months?

Mainly products in the plant-based space, like our protein structure Rudin ProVega Faba Bean, and also the alginate casing (from seaweeds) that is suitable for vegan sausage. We do a lot of savoury fillings like our new vegan cheeses (see the RudinFilling Vegan Cheese in the photo above), and also casing from alternative sources. The market is definitely looking for these kinds of products. We can also have been doing very nice food printing in this space, such as grill marks on vegetarian or vegan burgers.

What changes and new trends has Ruitenberg been experiencing within the industry?

As for trends, there has been a significant growth in the vegan, vegetarian and plant-based sector. Many consumers are now health conscious and looking for low fat, low salt products, and colourful food products.

Does Ruitenberg Ingredients have any sustainability initiatives?

Sustainability is really important to us, and we are seeing more questions on this. It’s good to know that we have four production facilities, and we have built a new production facility. This whole facility has been built with all the new rules for sustainability and the environment, including solar powered energy on the roof of the facilities.

Do you have any updates on your winning ingredient of the Food Matters Live Awards, Rudin®ProVega Faba Bean Nuggets?

It’s in the market, but I can’t say the names of the producers due to NDAs, but it is in more markets already since the award win, for example in the UK market, Dutch market, Finnish market, and lots of different projects are running for this product within Ruitenberg. But the market really likes it, so that’s good, especially the bite and the juiciness!

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