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Food innovation

Remilk secures regulatory approval in Israel

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
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Animal-free dairy protein producer Remilk is the first cellular agricultural company to have received regulatory approval for its products from Israel’s Ministry of Health.

By receiving the green light, the company will now be able to prepare itself for the market and sale of products made with its proprietary animal-free protein in the country.

The news comes just two months after the company received regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Authority (SFA) and a No Questions Letter from the US Food and Drug Administration.

“This is a defining moment, not only for Remilk, but for the entire global alternative protein industry and the state of Israel, one of the first in the world to recognize the significance of precision fermentation,” Aviv Wolff, CEO and co-founder of Remilk said in a statement. “The opening of the Israeli market to real, animal-free dairy products will place Israel not only at the forefront of global food-tech research and development, but also as a leading market in the world for new food consumption. Today’s news opens the door for the introduction of high-quality and nutritious animal-free dairy products.”

Dr. Ori Cohavi, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder of Remilk, added: “We thank the Ministry of Health for an in-depth process, in which our non-animal milk protein was thoroughly tested and found to be safe, of high-quality, and identical to its cow-derived counterpart.

“The breakthrough achievement of Remilk’s R&D team lies in its success in converting a technology that has been used for decades to create components for the food industry such as vitamins and enzymes in small quantities, to produce one of the most significant and high-quality components in the food industry. Our milk protein, produced on an industrial scale, allows us to practically change the face of the dairy market.”

The company estimates it has raised over $130 million to date, with one of its funding rounds including a $120 (£92m) million raise in April 2022. That same month, it also announced plans to open the ‘world’s largest’ cow-free milk plant in Denmark. It also signed a deal with the Central Bottling Company to develop and launch a new line of animal-free drinks, cheeses and yoghurts. This year, Remilk has also joined up with other precision fermentation start-ups to launch a new trade association for those working in the sector.

“Remilk was born to be an international company that dares to challenge the traditional dairy industry,” concluded Wolff. “It is an honor that Israel, a world leader in alternative protein R&D and investments, has granted Remilk the first regulatory approval of its kind. The product launch planned with the Central Bottling Company is on the horizon as we continue to realize our vision of creating new food systems that can provide nutritious and high-quality solutions for the world’s growing population.”

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