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Students at Queen Mary University of London vote for fully plant-based catering

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
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Image credit: Plant-Based Universities

Members of the Queen Mary University of London Student Union (SU) have passed a motion to make its catering facilities 100% plant-based by the 2028/2029 academic year.

The decision was made following a SU council meeting held earlier in March. The nationwide student campaign group Plant-Based Universities tabled the motion.

Following the positive outcome, the SU will aim to make 60% of its catering plant-based by the 2024-2025 academic year.

If the project remains financially viable, the SU will continue to replace meat options with vegan alternatives by 10% until the menus are fully plant-based.

The news comes just a few weeks after Cambridge Student Union voted to start discussions with the University of Cambridge to transitioning to fully vegan catering.

Launched in 2021, the Plant-Based Universities campaign – supported by climate and animal justice organisation Animal Rebellion – is currently active in over 40 institutions across the UK. Last November, the group also helped to pass the motion for 100% plant-based menus at the University of Stirling’s SU catering facilities.

The group says universities have an obligation to introduce fully plant-based catering and follow scientific research that shows the environmental impact of animal and fish farming.

Keenal Shah, a campaigner from Plant-Based Universities at Queen Mary University of London said: “The definitive action taken by the student’s council shows that the younger generation is prepared to tackle the climate crisis head-on with proportionate and visionary changes. We are no longer relying on the broken promises of governments and companies, but are taking on the responsibility to create a better world.

“We are looking forwards to working with our Student’s Union to implement these changes and provide incredible and affordable plant-based options for all students here at Queen Mary’s”

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