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Poundland launches meat and fish range to help shoppers manage increase in food costs

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
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British discount retailer Poundland will soon add a low-cost meat and fish range to hundreds of its stores.

The Cookit range will be comprised of 11 items, including sausages, ribs, bacon, steak, mince, salmon and cod fillets. Prices for the line will range from £1 to £3.50.

Despite the low prices, the range will still include “quality meat and fish”, according to Poundland Commercial Director, Tim Bettley.

The introduction of the range is an attempt to keep shoppers’ household costs to a minimum as the cost of living crisis ensues, says the retailer. Just this week, data from the British Retail Consortium and NielsenIQ revealed UK food prices in August saw the highest increase since the financial crash of 2008.

The Poundland range is a new addition to the retailer’s expanding selection of chilled and frozen foods, which will be available in around 350 shops by autumn 2022, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables which can already be bought in 60 stores across the country.

Poundland has partnered with Nottingham-based DTS Food to develop the budget range over the past six months, and will work with the supplier using its ChillerFiller supply app, which allows for orders to be made by and delivered to single or multiple stores directly.

This will help to manage the freshness and quality of the meat and fish, cut levels of food waste, and reduce overall carbon emissions, the retailer says.

Tim Bettley said: “Whether clothing, frozen food or homewares, over the past few years we’ve been significantly extending up what we offer our customers so they can find much more of their weekly shop in their local Poundland.”

Plans are also in place to eventually expand the Cookit range beyond meats and seafood, says Chief Executive of DTS Food, Nick Preston. Details of what the future range could include have not yet been released.

Preston added: “As a business we have significant experience in the food industry. We understand the importance, more so than ever given the current economic climate, of giving consumers good quality products at the right price. Cookit will offer them just that.

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