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Planteneers launch plant-based ingredient blends for the meat and dairy industries

2 min read
Planteneers burgers

German food company Planteneers have launched a plant-based blend range called fiildMeat+ and fiildDairy+ to be used in meat and dairy products.

Planteneers are tapping into the ‘Hello Hybrids’ consumer trend. Identified by Innova Market Insights as one of the Top Ten Trends of 2020, ‘Hello Hybrids’ refers to meat and dairy products that contain fewer animal-derived ingredients but are still aimed at the omnivore market. This segment is particularly appealing to consumers who still eat animal products but want to reduce their consumption for health, environmental or animal welfare reasons. 

Planteneers’ fiildMeat+ can be added to meat products without compromising the taste.

These vegan ingredient blends are made using protein-rich legumes such as lentils or chickpeas  and vegetables, depending on the flavour profile of the product they are added to. They can be used in burgers, sausages, mince and other meat-based preparations.

“The meat market is enormous, with a worldwide production of 333 million tonnes per year. Reducing the amount of meat in ready meals and meat preparations by half would have a great influence on the market.”, says Florian Bark, Product Manager at Planteneers. “Since the potential customers of these half & half products are mostly meat-eaters, this product range has tremendous sales potential.”

The flavour and colour used infiildMeat+ are kept separate, allowing manufacturers scope for adjustment and the final products can be made with standard industry machines. “Wherever possible we avoid ingredients with E-numbers in our stabilisers, likewise flavourings and flavour enhancers.”, adds Bark.

Planteneers’ fiildDairy+ can be used to replace milk with plant-based blends in dairy products such as milk drinks, yoghurt, cheese and pudding, reducing dairy by 50%.

“In the development of our fiildDairy+ range we paid special attention to getting the original flavour of the milk products.”, explains Planteneers Product Manager Katharina Schäfer.

“The final products can naturally be enriched with proteins, vitamins or minerals. In this way it’s possible to appeal to the steadily growing number of consumers who want to eat healthier.”