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How a Nutrition graduate became a social media marketer and digital content creator

4 min read
AUTHOR: Damilola Orija

Here is a story of my unplanned journey to being a professional in F&N marketing.

I graduated with a first-class degree in nutrition and dietetics, and I have culinary training, so trust me, I never saw this coming.

Here is my story

Prior to finishing my undergraduate studies, I had an opportunity to enhance my skills set in any of the following: Photography, Catering, Digital marketing, Hat Making, and Bead making.

I chose digital marketing because it was new and interesting. Although it was a short course, it was an eye opener and it helped me to see a new world of possibilities, and it was exciting to see how you can reach the world from the four walls of your room.

My unplanned career started with a desire to help others via volunteering. I began by volunteering in marketing and digital content roles in charities and this helped me grow in graphics design, digital content creation, social media content creation. I really wasn’t bothered about having a career in that field because I just at the time still wanted to work as a nutritionist, so I chose not to upskill in marketing (which in retrospect, might have been a mistake). I chose to go to culinary school instead and I took a course in food photography. I still focused on volunteering whilst at the same time searched for a job.

I got a job as a restaurant social media manager, and then I realized how much I did not know. How did I get the job? You know the saying that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. I got that job based on a referral. My friend saw that I had volunteered in several capacities, she referred me, and I got the job because of the experience I had garnered, however, I was not experienced enough to develop a strategy and campaign to help the restaurant grow. I was able to create content though but what’s content without a strategy? I had the chance to upskill since I could identify where I was deficient in, however, the pandemic struck, and I lost the job.

During the lockdown, I channeled my free time, joblessness, and unlimited internet access to starting a nutrition page where I combined everything that I know in Content Creation, Food photography, Nutrition education, Nutrition communications, eBook creation, Email marketing, and Lead Generation etc. I had no idea that what I was doing at the time was communications and marketing in one. It was exciting applying my knowledge and skills and seeing the results. I saw my page grow, I also began coming up with recipes, learning how to effectively communicate medical research on social media in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

However, remember how I said everything was not planned? I just wanted to get the attention of an employer of some day job and get employed as a nutritionist.


I got a job as a nutritionist and content creator at Machifoods (A company that produces allergy free foods).

I was responsible for creating recipes, taking product and recipe pictures, creating and designing medically accurate social media content.

Then I realized, I do not have to restrict myself to getting a typical job in a clinic or a hospital. I could work with nutrition and food organizations in digital media.

Since then, I have worked with several big nutrition brands like: Machi foods, Sari nutrition, Uncle D’s Dates Powder and Veggie Victory as a digital content creator.

So, I continued my journey by getting a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and at the same time upskilling my social media skills.

Now, I am a professional social media strategist, content strategist, content marketer, content creator, email marketer and I also work part time as a digital content creator at a media agency to enable me gain experiences in other niches beyond nutrition. My interim goal is to work with nutrition brands in the capacity of a digital content creator and social media manager.

I am a certified clinical nutritionist who can function as a nutritionist; however, I currently use my knowledge and skills in nutrition to educate and help nutrition brands market effectively and ethically. I am a social media marketing strategist (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), email marketing and digital content creation (Food Photography, Food Videography, Graphic design). I also do public speaking and I have been invited to speak at webinars, and events (Virtual and Physical).

My end game is to own my nutrition clinic and kitchen in the nearest future. I am intentional about it but also open to change as life might just have its own plans.

But until then, I love marketing and I would like to grow in it.

Damilola Orija