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Moolec Science and Grupo Insud launch joint venture to advance alternative-protein industry​

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn
Food fermentation factory

Moolec Science, a UK science-based ingredients company using biotechnology to produce animal protein in plants, and Grupo Insud, a global conglomerate focusing on innovation, sustainability and development across multiple industries for agribusiness, have announced their partnership.

The collaboration is intended to fuse Moolec Science’s food-science expertise with Grupo Insud’s fermentation research and production capabilities. Together, the companies hope to push research and development of solutions for the alternative protein-industry.

Through the joint venture, fungi, yeast and other micro-organisms will be used to produce animal-free ingredients complementary to Moolec’s plant-based pipeline. The intention is for new products that have improved nutritional value and yet remain affordable for both companies’ business models.

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Moolec Science, Henk Hoogenkamp, said in the press release announcement: “We are thrilled to co-work with Insud’s team. This partnership allows us to speed up our scientific developments by leveraging the experience, know-how and scaling-up production expertise from one of the top-class players in the landscape.

“We are convinced that the new generation of companies has a lot to learn from the scientific talent established in the traditional industry. We have the wonderful opportunity to team up, co-create, and disrupt together. Our partnership will also allow for very quick scaling due to the impressive infrastructure readily available to the group. The more we are, the faster we can achieve animal-based parity in terms of taste, nutrition, and cost.”

Executive Director of Insud Argentina, Manuel Sobrado added: “We are excited to collaborate with Moolec using our scientific and industrial biotech experience to leverage their very innovative pipeline. We are proud Moolec has chosen us to accompany them in this venture.”