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Israeli manufacturing start-up MeaTech announces plans to research and develop cultivated pork

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn

Israeli start-up, MeaTech, has announced its latest tech venture which is into the research and development of cultivated pork. Already producers of cell-based beef and chicken, MeaTech hopes that the introduction of cell-based pork will open up a plethora of new international markets, given that pork is currently the most consumed meat in the world.  

MeaTech develops advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D bioprinting to produce premium alternative protein end-products. The start-up generates its own industrial cultured meat and production process and also licenses its technologies to customers along the meat and alternative protein supply chain, such as value-added food processors and premier food brands.  

MeaTech says that its progression into pork is part of a wider strategy to develop a broad cellular agriculture technology offering. The start-up will begin its efforts by developing stable porcine cell lines in the hope that such efforts will lead to cultivated pork biomass production capabilities.

Other cell-based pork producers include UK start-ups Ivy Farm Technologies and Higher Steak, and Dutch start-up, Meatable. 

Sharon Fima, CEO of MeaTech, commented: “Our goal is to lead the upcoming agricultural revolution by making tomorrow’s meat safe, plentiful and sustainable. MeaTech is developing a broad range of cultured meat technologies, developing potential alternatives to conventional factory farming of beef, chicken and now, pork. We believe that offering additional cultivated meat product lines can widen our addressable markets, generating additional revenue potential. Our goal is to be similar in all respects to livestock-farmed pork, while offering a significantly more sustainable and slaughter-free production method.” .

The company recently announced a partnership with Israeli supermarket chain, Tiv Ta’am, to cooperate on research and the establishment of a production facility for cultivated meat. 

MeaTech is listed on the Nasdaq and Tel Aviv stock exchanges and has offices in both Israel and Belgium.