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Inspiring career events to kickstart your food industry journey

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We have the simple yet ambitious aim of inspiring a better future for food around the planet. We do this by stimulating industry innovation across a variety of channels, including technological advancements and developing the careers of people who want a career in food. 

Part of the proof of our concept is that Food Matters Live is continuing to be a consistently growing global community – filled with professionals who are embarked on the same journey towards developing a future of sustainable food production, optimal nutrition, and health for everyone. 

We provide high-quality information through career events in London and beyond. These include talks from renowned industry professionals, and quality connections via live and digital careers events; all with a focus on innovation, technology, and people development.

Our inspiring food careers events

We are proud to launch a series of live career development events which will focus on many inspiring careers within the food and drinks industry. The Food Matters Live career events in the UK aim to provide a platform for top industry employers to engage the very best talent from universities across the UK. 

Our careers events are tailored to meet the needs of students looking for a prospective career in the food and drinks industry and offer inspiring talks in different regions about the different career pathways available.

The Live Careers Event series

Are you aching to break into a career with purpose in the food and drinks industry? 

Join us for our live career event series and meet seasoned industry recruiters, collaborate in our good grad guide panel discussions, and make yourself a part of a live audience recording of our award-nominated Career Conversations podcast series. Each event will feature inspiring interviews and talks from a diverse group of industry experts sharing insights into their graduate recruitment schemes and career opportunities.

The live careers event series provides a fantastic opportunity for students from a wide range of courses related to food, nutrition and sustainability to network with renowned industry leaders to develop their career pathways – all while learning essential interview, workplace, and job skills that can help to shape their future. 

Upcoming Dates: 

Why not give our career conversations podcast a listen?

Interested in learning more about the careers available in the food and drinks industry, and how you can get involved with your dream job? Listen to our career conversations podcast, where we chat to experts in cooking, mixology, the environment, psychology, branding, social media and more about the varied roles within the industry that go beyond just the kitchen.


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