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Immune and gut health: why 1 in 4 global consumers are making it a priority

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AUTHOR: Emily Johnson
Immune heath, gut health, food matters live, retail trends, November

Prior to the global pandemic, the term wellness might have been seen as a trend reserved for the yoga-goers, sport fanatics, and gym bunnies, however, with the global immune health supplements market growing worldwide, predicted to grow from $20.18 billion in 2021 to $31.50 billion in 2028, it is clear that the interest in the world of wellness has expanded globally. With the threat to human health from COVID-19 and the fear of further outbreaks, coinciding with new scientific discoveries around gut and immune health, consumers are now acutely aware of the importance of taking care of their health more holistically.

Immune health

Immune health is a priority for consumers worldwide, now more than ever. In fact, according to a consumer research study in July 2021, by Innova Market Insights, one in four people globally has become more concerned about their immune health since before the pandemic. Whether it is choosing a nutritious diet packed with whole foods, vitamins, minerals; staying active, or getting enough sleep, consumers are trying to find ways to nourish their bodies.

The study also found that around 60% of global consumers said that they were looking for food and beverages to support them in achieving good immune health.

Why gut health is connected

The gut is the key to your immune health, as it makes up around 70-80%[1] of your immune system, and fun fact – it is so big that it would cover an entire tennis court if it was to be laid out flat. Continuously, medical researchers are finding new evidence of the impact of the gut on the immune system, including how what we consume may alter immunity and inflammation for the better or for the worse depending on what it is that we are choosing to eat, drink, and do.

What are the future consumer trends for immune and gut health?

Even before the pandemic there was an increase in products launched to market in this area from 2016-2020. It is not surprising though, that Google Trends data shows an approximate 500% increase in searches for immunity in food and drink worldwide by week, following the onset of COVID-19. Immune and gut health is here to stay, but what are the trends leading the way?

Join Food Matters Live, as expert speakers from Waitrose & Partners, Functional Foods Ltd, Bay’s Kitchen, New Nutrition Business, and BIO & Me delve deeper into the immune and gut health retail trends, and the solutions arriving in the food and drink landscape. And, with an NPD ticket, meet with ingredient innovators leading the way in this space, from Sustainable, to Health, Better-for-You, and Plant-based ingredients.

Details about the session, 1pm – 2pm, Wednesday 17 November, are below, and you can discover more about the event, the programme and purchase your ticket here.

Future consumer trends: immune & gut health
Retail trends and consumer connections
The last year has driven consumers to finding ways to boost their immune systems – one of the best ways is by improving gut health. Find out how companies are providing solutions and what foods are supporting positive gut health.

Emma Williams, Health Manager, Waitrose & Partners
Jon Walsh, CEO, BIO & Me
Bay Burdett, Founder & CEO, Bay’s Kitchen
Allene Bruce, Director, New Nutrition Business
Gerald Davies, Founder CEO, Lonjevity Functional Foods Ltd


[1] A.K. Abbas, A.H.H. Lichtman, S. Pillai, Cellular and Molecular Immunology E-Book, Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017.


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