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Geltor reveals first vegan collagen product, PrimaColl, for food and beverage market

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn

Biodesign start-up, Geltor, has introduced its latest product, PrimaColl, which it claims to be the first vegan collagen for the food and beverage market. As consumers shift towards more conscious consumption, some are seeking products that use alternative methods to cultivate collagen compared to the traditional method of using animal bones. The California-based start-up expects PrimaColl to meet the needs of a growing demand of animal-free products as well as being suitable for kosher, halal and paleo diets. 

Created using microbial fermentation technology, PrimaColl emulates the identical Type 21 collagen found in poultry. Although an array of plant-based ‘collagen boosters’ are already on the market, Geltor claims PrimaColl to be an exact substitute of animal-based collagen and therefore a more premium product than existing alternatives.

Geltor was founded in 2015 and is witnessing significant growth having raised $91.3 million in its Series B funding in 2020. After hiring three senior executives in early February in anticipation of its debut, PrimaColl was launched in mid-2021 in partnership with Switzerland-based manufacturer, Lonza Speciality Ingredients (LSI). The product is currently in its third party clinical trial. 

Geltor has had interest from a range of companies after their early preview of the product and plans wider commercial expansion later this year.

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