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Fytexia has prosperous Food Matters Live with influential business connections and high quality meetings

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contributor: Fytexia

Finding an opportunity to introduce your products, meet new people, understand the current market trends, collect data and understand what NPD professionals are looking for might seem like a mountainous task, but Fytexia found the platform to achieve all of this and more, at Food Matters Live.

As an Ingredient Innovator this June, Fytexia led their own Ingredient Discovery Spotlight session, and had a fruitful experience during, and post the event. They have even managed to connect, and create quality leads with household brands within the industry that are ‘not part of [their] general and regular portfolio of prospects’.

Sophie Loisel, Fytexia’s Business Development Director, revealed some exciting insights into the multitude of benefits that the event has brought Fytexia.

How did Fytexia find Food Matters Live?

“Food Matters Live went very well for Fytexia – we joined the event because we wanted to have the opportunity to introduce our clinically proven ingredients to companies within the UK, but also beyond because we likewise sell internationally.

Here at Fytexia, we always want to put science first and felt that Food Matters Live was a great opportunity and a unique platform to introduce our products, meet new people, understand the current market trends, collect data, and comprehend what product developers are currently looking for.

All of these new understandings have allowed Fytexia to be able to make informed decisions regarding where we should turn our focus in terms of innovation for the upcoming years.

In addition, for Fytexia, Food Matters Live is a great platform to meet with new partners, especially those who are in the food industry and interested in scientifically supported ingredients.

We also really enjoyed attending other companies’ presentations as they helped us increase our knowledge in terms of scientific developments and market trends.

We found the Ingredients Discovery sessions likewise very interesting, not only from a market point of view, but as a means to enhance our comprehension of the latest occurring trends which helps feed our innovation pipeline.”

How many meetings did Fytexia schedule at Food Matters Live?

“Fytexia’s meetings at Food Matters Live went really well. We found that people were quite easy to reach out to and it was likewise easy to find an available slot to discuss business with because the platform was efficient.

In addition, we really enjoyed the quality of the people we have been able to meet with. In total, Fytexia scheduled 10 meetings at Food Matters Live and we were able to meet with big names within the industry such as Kellogg’s, Starbucks, Danone, Innocent, Kendal Nutricare, Lakeland Dairies, Procter and Gamble, and other large food companies that are not part of our general and regular portfolio of prospects.

While today, Fytexia is very much focused on developing ingredients within the dietary supplement business, we are now finding that these larger companies within the food industry are increasingly more interested in scientifically supported ingredients. So, Food Matters Live gave us the opportunity to reach out to plenty of new companies and individuals working in research and product development which we didn’t have a chance to get in contact with prior to the event.

All in all, the event was able to provide us with plenty of new leads for our scientific and sales team to follow-up with and from the 10 meetings we had, we currently have three projects under close discussion with more in the pipeline.”

More About Fytexia

Fytexia is a life science company expert in scientifically supported micronutrients for healthcare products. Fytexia’s team of specialists works with a global network of scientific researchers to deliver functional ingredients supported with the most stringent scientific evidence, from the characterization of the active compounds to the demonstration of their clinical benefits. The active ingredients delivered by Fytexia enter the formulas of the most advanced healthcare products and functional foods to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers worldwide.

Would you like an Ingredient Discovery session of your own? If you are an Ingredient Innovator, contact David, our Head of Client Relations to discuss whether you could be a fit for Food Matters Live here.