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Future Ingredients 2021 Competition: shortlist announced

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AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
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In its first year, the Food Matters Live Future Ingredients Competition has been launched to celebrate ground-breaking ingredients and recognise innovations in the sector.

The competition recognises outstanding new ingredients that support innovation across the global food and nutrition sectors, and new formulations that can make a significant impact on mainstreaming nutritious and on sustainable and healthy diets.

An expert panel of industry-leading judges tested all the competition entries and after much deliberation, the panel has now announced their shortlist.

The winner of the Future Ingredients Competition will be announced during Food Matters Live, 16-17 November and will appear on the Table Talk podcast, with a worldwide audience of over 75,000 listeners, will appear in a winning video interview to be shared on the Food Matters Live weekly Ingredients newsletter and YouTube channel and will also be featured on the Food Matters Live website for at least six months, benefiting from the growing reach of Food Matters Live international food and drink community.

Agave Inulin – IMAG Organics

IMAG Organic’s Agave Inulin is a plant-based fibre utilised in the production of low/no alcohol beer and fat-replacement to dairy free milks to bring body and mouthfeel whilst adding a touch of sweetness. IMAG Organics says that their ingredient boasts a higher solubility than other inulin and fibre sources.
Agave Inulin is aimed at the low alcohol beer and spirits and the plant-based and dairy free milks markets.

Amai Sweeteners – Amai Proteins

Amai Sweeteners is a 100% protein sugar reduction sweetener.

Sweet proteins are already found in nature. Some plants found in the equatorial belt produce very sweet fruits that don’t actually contain sugar. However, the sweet protein found in these fruits aren’t stable and difficult to use in food preparations. Amai Proteins harnesses their sweetness to produce sugary-tasting alternatives by applying Agile-Integrative Computational Protein Design to mimic proteins that live in harsh conditions such as the Dead Sea, hot springs or acidic swamps. The ingredient is produced sustainably and cost-effectively using fermentation and is cheaper than sugar in sweetness units and fit for the mass food market.

Capsiclear – Afede Wellness

Capsiclear Capsanthin, is an oral food supplement aimed at the eye health sector. Capsiclear Capsanthin protects the eyes from blue light as well as white, helps in the quick recovery from eye fatigue and photostress and helps manage eye pressure (IOP). Unlike most product for eye health which come in drop or ointment form,CapsiclearTM Capsanthin comes in a pill to be taken orally. The formulation uses capsanthin, a carotenoid found in red bell peppers, cayenne pepper and New Mexico chile pepper.

C-Cloudy – Duas Rodas Industrial

C-Cloudy is a cloud agent flavour with technology that dispenses the use of titanium dioxide.
C-Cloudy is free of titanium dioxide, and ensures perfect turbidity in powder beverages with all food safety requirements. C-Cloudy technology has a special encapsulation system for better dissolution and stability, and doesn’t affect the physical characteristics (such as pH) and sensory characteristics of the formulation it’s used in.


SEPIBLISS™ is a nutraceutical made with100% virgin coriander seed oil created specifically for sensitive or reactive skin. The coriander oil is extracted without solvent and manufactured locally in the South West of France and SEPIBLISS™ is GMO free and madewithout additive nor preservatives.

Studies have shown that subjects takingSEPIBLISS™ had a 36% reduction in stress-induced skin redness vs placebo as well as four times less stress-induced itching sensations compared to placebo.

The product comes in in easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules or shots.

X-tra Guard – Millbo Srl

Extracted from the Rowan Berry, X-tra Guard is natural preservative created to replace the use of chemical preservative Sorbic Acid.

The ingredient contains natural sorbic acid and can be used in a variety of consumer goods, including carbonated low sugar drinks and sandwich fillers.


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