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First Pride launches alt-protein range in Singapore as the country’s foodtech ecosystem continues to grow

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn
Food on a table

Food brand, First Pride, have launched their first plant-based protein range named First Pride Green Series to the Singaporean market.

The range comprises of a selection of products including First Pride Bites, First Pride Spicy Nuggets and First Pride Strips which are made by blending wheat, soy and bamboo fibre. Products are then subject to First Pride’s three-step technology of battering, pre-dusting and breading to offer a crunchy texture. Consumers can cook the products by pan-frying.

First Pride’s Green Series products are 100% made from plants and contain no MSG, flavour enhancers of trans-fats.

Singapore is fast emerging as a foodtech hub in Asia, which is largely being driven by government support and funding. Given that the country relies heavily on food imports, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has set a target to produce 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs by 2030. The SFA’s 30 by 30 seeks to address supply disruptions by decreasing reliance on imported foods. Via funding and technology, the project assists local farmers to adopt technology that increases yield.

Such initiatives follow the Government of Singapore’s announcement that it has developed a S$100bn (£54bn) plan to ensure the country is prepared for changes in climate including rising temperatures. An increased food self-sufficiency is central to this plan, says Bloomberg Green. Given that less than 1% of the country is used for agriculture, the government is funding initiatives in an attempt to secure a more steady food supply chain for the future. Part of this funding is also being invested in research and development of the alternative protein space.


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