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CULT Food Science launches new product division including novel cell-based coffee

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
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Canadian investment platform CULT Food Science has unveiled its new product division – Cult Foods – which it says will help to further develop and commercialise cell-based goods.

The company will launch two new food products as part of the division in collaboration with its affiliates. One of these is Zero Coffee, the first ever sparkling coffee drink to be made from cell-based coffee, according to CULT. Using cellular agriculture technologies eliminates the unsustainable land use and deforestation associated with conventional coffee bean farming, it says.

The other product is Free Candy – a novel functional gummy made using cell-based collagen, which can improve joint mobility, skin elasticity and ease joint pain. Using lab-grown collagen avoids the negative environmental effects and ethical problems tied to traditional collagen which is typically extracted from animal bones.

Replacing certain ingredients in food products with cell-based alternatives could help to dramatically reduce the impact of food production on land, water resources and the climate, according to CULT.

“There are many products that depend on animal agriculture for key elements of their production”, said Lejjy Gafour, CEO of CULT. “It is not only staple products such as meat that will be reinvented through cellular agriculture, but the over $50-billion auxiliary market, such as coffee beans and collagen.”

“Many of the key ingredients you see on grocery store shelves today can be replaced through cell-based methods, and are already being produced by CULT affiliate companies. These products represent a massive opportunity for CULT Food Science to bring interesting new food experiences to consumers”.

Joshua Errett, VP Product Development of CULT, added: “The products that bring us so much enjoyment – an afternoon coffee or sweet snack – so often rely on environmentally harmful ingredients. CULT Foods is providing a sustainable alternative with its Zero Coffee and Free Candy products”.

The company wants to encourage the production of cleaner and more sustainable lab-grown produce in the food industry. Back in 2021, it launched a $1 million prize for the advancement of cell-based food.

The organisation’s current portfolio includes several big names in foodtech, such as cultivated meat developers Eat Just Inc. and Mogale Meat, cultured honey company MeliBio, and cell-based collagen producer Jellatech.

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