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Cargill opens its first Innovation Centre in India

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
Gurugram City, Haryana

Global food corporation Cargill has opened its first Indian Innovation Centre in Gurugram, Haryana in northern India this week.

The Centre has been built to develop the company’s Research and Development and help produce healthier and more nutritious products that meet the current local consumer demand.

The 17,00 square feet space features a sensory laboratory and cooking demonstration kitchen, and is designed to work with dairy, bakery, drinks and convenience food industries.

The Centre aims to focus its R&D on several areas which Cargill has expertise in, including cocoa and chocolate, starches, sweeteners, texturisers, and tailored blended ingredients.

One of the prime goals of the new Centre is to help companies make some of their products lower in fat, salt and sugar, but that still align with strict Indian food standards, and still retain an appetising flavour and texture.

Cargill’s clients from the Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East will now also be linked to 10 other innovation centres that exist around the world, and the 2,300 food scientists that work within them.

Twenty-seven food specialists and scientists will work in the Innovation Centre.

High-quality technology such as the Ultra High-Temperature Processing (UHT) pilot plant and a chocolate processing line will feature in the new space, and Augmented Reality (AR) will allow for practical demonstrations to be given to clients remotely.

The new President of Cargill India, Simon George said: “Consumer choices are rapidly evolving towards healthy food, without compromising taste, and this calls for product innovation.

“Through this Innovation Center, we are making our customers the centerpiece in co-creating innovative solutions for discerning, health-conscious consumers in India.

“This facility combines our global food science knowledge with the size and scale of Cargill’s businesses to bring together unique R&D and food value chain capabilities all under one roof. We will help develop healthy and nutritious products that mirror market trends.”

Cargill has worked with food and drinks companies in India for around 30 years.


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