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Careers in the food industry: Food Matters Careers Week

1 min read
AUTHOR: Briony Mansell-Lewis

Food Matters Director, Briony Mansell-Lewis

Tap into the next generation of diverse talent at Food Matters Careers Week

We are thrilled to be creating an opportunity where our talented community of students and graduates come together with business leaders at Food Matters Careers Week 2021. It is a chance for HR, early careers advisors, people management and talent acquisition teams to connect meaningfully with an ambitious and engaged audience.

Never before has a career in the food and nutrition industry been so exciting, rewarding, and relevant; but we know that the industry must work harder to inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders, particularly set against the context of the sector requiring a further 140,000 new recruits by 2024.

Through our rich programme of inspiring content and networking opportunities, Food Matters Careers Week can help industry create a pipeline of talented people committed to delivering a sustainable future for food.

Briony Mansell-Lewis

Meet a diverse community of aspiring food professionals. Join us for Food Matters Careers Week 2021 on 23–25 November.